Drone (UAV) Aerial Video & Photography

Dan has had a commercial license to fly his drone since January 2017. The leaps in this technology over recent years are phenomenal! It’s a great way to capture your wedding day. Only a few years ago, this kind of footage was only attainable with hired helicopters – which was of course very expensive! We have full insurance and many, many hours flying experience, with most venues we work with happy for us to use our UAV Drone to it’s full effect. It’s an incredibly unique way of capturing your guests and venue and the day as it unfolds. .


Our experienced Drone team is CAA qualified with a PfCO obtained in January 2017 from the CAA. Our experience in photography and cinematography is now airborne, increasing the scope for your project and helping us create stunning and accurate visuals while undertaking your requirements safely and most importantly, legally and with full permission from the governing bodies and the law!

Operating our Drone Photography and Drone Video services from near Bedford and Milton Keynes, we offer our services across the United Kingdom and also abroad. We work regularly with building regulators, estate agents, property developers, hotels, wedding venues and corporate businesses. An aerial photograph or video from up high can add a real unique look on your project or business. There’s a huge demand for high quality UAV photography, and it’s easy to see why. The results can be breathtaking and really grab the eye and more importantly, the attention of your clients! 

Two-D Photography have ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’ throughout the UK flying drones up to 20kg. This allows flexibility to use a variety of aircraft with higher quality cameras and lenses to best suit your project, indoors or outdoors, day or night. We are fully insured with £5 million public liability insurance.