You’re in the right place!

We’re Dan and Sarah, and we make up Two-d Photography!  We’re a husband and wife team based in Bedfordshire, but we travel across the UK and abroad for weddings and corporate work. We see the world differently, but we capture and interpret it together which makes for a unique result. Not only do you get two photography ninjas, but you get two award winners – as opposed to an apprentice. We put our heart and soul into every wedding we shoot. When you love something this much – You give it everything you’ve got.

A few random things about us:

  • We’ve shot close to 400 weddings now.
  • We got married in 2016 at South Farm, we understand this process! 
  • Dan has played Ice Hockey since he was a kid. 
  • Sarah is also a registered Senior Physiotherapist.
  • Dan is a qualified, licensed and full insured drone pilot! 
  • We’re a bit dog mad. We have two golden retriever pooches called Penny & Rosie who have claimed our bed – nay, the entire house, as their own. 
  • We are massive film (and Netflix) buffs!
  • Dan has written and Directed two short films about Vikings and Romans. 
  • Sarah has a penchant for a good lipstick.
  • We also shoot for a commercial travel and marketing agency in London regularly. 
  • Sarah thinks sauces like Ketchup and Mayo are the devils making
  • Dan was once a rapper in a band (true story). 
  • Sarah was born in Yorkshire but is the only one in her entire family with a southern accent.