Anna & Gavin; A wedding in September to remember

It was a late September wedding at the beautiful Towcester venue of Plum Park. We had the absolute pleasure of capturing Anna and Gavin’s wedding day which was sprinkled with a Doctor Who and Star Trek theme.

As always, Sarah was with the ladies and was over with Anna and her bride squad who were getting ready for the big day. Anna opted for a long sleeved, full bodied lace dress and white and purple vans with a blue handbag and blue flats and gorgeous bouquet. The best bit about being a two-person band is that Sarah can be with the Bride and Dan can be with the Groom and you can have snaps of the BOTH of you getting ready! You can read more about this, in our approach section of our website.

The happiest, bubbliest bride that we ever did see was busy being her brilliant cheeky self and lots of giggles filled the glam room. Anna’s Dad popped over to visit in a DASHING Kilt and hit us with the best surprised face we’ve ever seen at a first look!

Anna had a Star Trek badge placed delicately on her bouquet of flowers and there were plenty of Doctor Who trinkets dotted around the venue, ready for her arrival.

Anna’s bridesmaids wore gorgeous dark purple dresses and there was even a Man Of Honour.

Prosecco poured and it was over to Dan to greet the boys. Gavin’s team were already primed and ready to go, but not before Gavin had a once over of his vows which were placed beautifully in a personalised, embossed leather-bound book.

Buttonholes on, final checks done and it was time to welcome Gavin and his groomsmen to head to the venue.

The Sun shone as guests arrived at the venue, time to check in with the rings which were placed in, you guessed it, a Doctor Who Tardis box!

If it’s one thing that we love, it’s an unplugged ceremony. We find it so important that guests allow and trust us to do our thing. Head over to our approach section of the website to find out more about why we love it so much!

Time for the ceremony and there were lots of tears, personal vows and heartfelt “I do’s”.

A welcome drink was ready for the couple as they exited the ceremony as the new Mr and Mrs Briggs.

Moving outside for a confetti shot outside the Plum Park House and we just HAD to make use of the autumnal, red leaves as a backdrop for some group shots. We managed to capture some lovely Autumnal shots with the leaves just turning – a gorgeous factor in deciding if you’d like a Summer/Autumn wedding.

We got the lovely, intimate, couple shots that we all know and love and took a stroll back to the venue to capture some more candid images of the guests including Anna hugging her nearest and dearest and showing all to have a good time.

Napkins swirling through the air it was time to welcome the newlyweds ot their wedding breakfast. The venue was decorated with nice, homely touched including a sign that said “help us make a bucket list” – with little luggage tags provided for guests to write ideas down on.

The theme continued throughout the day with Star Trek décor on the tables and the top table had a gorgeous array of flowers at the front and a circle frame behind the couple which was delicately decorated with matching flowers from the day.

Lots of laughs and cheers for the toasts and it was on to the speeches. Once complete, we took Anna and Gavin outside for golden hour with some STUNNING shots in the garden.

Who can resist a flare shoot? The couple opted for bright blue and grey coloured flares with their groomsman and brides’ squad as well as the two of them holding them up in the air for all to see. A memorable moment for most couples.

The evening ended with an Ice cream truck (epic), an electric first dance with confetti cannons going off during it (even more epic) and a fully signed, wooden vinyl as a guestbook (ridiculously epic).


Venue – Plum Park Manor