Welcome to Two-D Photography!

We absolutely adore what we do. We cherish it. There is quite simply nothing we’d rather be doing. It’s something we’ve always done, and it’s something we will always do. Photography is a way of life, and we want to use it to share with you a day you will never, ever forget. 

Sharing your wedding, being a part of your life and your memories is something that sits very highly on our list.

We are married ourselves, and we’ve been through it all. We know what it’s like to look back at our pictures and to laugh, shed a sneaky tear, and share those smiles with those you love – and thats what we aim to create.  We truly want you to feel those feelings when looking back at your wedding photos, and so thats our number one goal and our honour of being there. We remember having to choose a photographer, how hard it was and how we just had to get it right.

From the tiny moments, to the huge ones. We are yours for the day, and we won’t miss a moment. We’ll tell your story the best way we know how, with the real things that happen. After all, what is a life but the best moments remembered?  

We love working with people and sharing their joy, nerves, passion and excitement and our job is to capture exactly that. We know how important our role is, and we can’t wait to show you. 

Our respectful, creative and energetic approach –  as well as a deep love for our craft means daily we’re looking forward to picking up our cameras and letting the world in.

I’m Dan and I live near Bedford with my legendary wife Sarah, my insane and rather princess like goldie Penny, in the country where the fields roll and the woods beckon for walks. We love to travel, experience and shoot everything we do. It’s just what we do, and what I have always done (10 years). Sarah’s a bit newer (6 years), but the photography Jedi powers are steadily building.