Offley Place Wedding Photography – Charlotte & Anthony

It has to be said from the get go, that Charlotte and Anthony as probably two of the nicest people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. From our very first meeting, they had complete trust in us to look after them on their day at Offley Place in Hertfordshire. We were excited to return to this venue; A beautiful corner of the world, with a converted conservatory, with exposed brickwork and beautiful, picturesque grounds.

Having worked in the entertainment industry, Anthony was full of life and energy, and it was great to see the Groom as excited as me! Charlotte was so relaxed in the morning, I couldn’t sense any nerves from her whatsoever, which is quite rare on an important day like this. Together, the couple were the perfect match and were comfortably so close during photographs.

My highlight of the day has to be Anthonys speech, which has me holding back tears behind my camera; Something that rarely happens when you’ve heard every one-liner on Google! My favourite photography moment was capturing some incredible flare from the golden hour sun, at the front of the house. Some of the best golden hour pictures I’ve taken, I’d go as far as saying!