Rescheduling Weddings due to Covid19 in 2021

We’re feeling really sorry for those having to deal with all this at the same time as planning their weddings. We know you never expected to be having to do this, and it’s uncertain times for us all. That dreaded Coronavirus! BUT together we can get through it. We’re gutted about all of this too, as we were looking forward to a year of awesome weddings with such wonderful people.  If you’re getting married over the new few months, you’re likely wondering what to do. 

First things first – We’re on your team! 

We’ve got a procedure in place to (hopefully) make this as stress free for you as possible…

We’re more than happy to work with you if it comes to rescheduling your wedding. The main thing it will come to is what your venues and/or wedding insurance say, so do keep in touch with them, especially as insurers may cover costs (let us know if you have insurance as things may be entirely different here). Some couples we’ve talked to don’t have insurance, and so in this bizarre, unexpected case we’re more than happy to bring your retainers forward to a new date at no extra cost. To manage our cashflow we are asking 50% of the balance payment upfront and 50% at the time of the new date, OR original payment terms with the original dates, just so we are not stuck, or in a pickle. If you booked a couple of years ago and you’re looking to book a prime date (Week ends in Summer/Autumn) we might request you honour our current pricing as we are now VAT registered and prices increased slightly for 2021 and 2022.

We’re more than happy to work with you guys on this if you’d rather reschedule than have a smaller wedding. It would really be great to look at midweek dates as we imagine you’ll have the greatest likelihood of being able to rebook the majority of your suppliers on the same date. It would also be beneficial and super helpful for us if weddings were rescheduled within the year though appreciate dates are running pretty low for 2022. Also, just a little tip – If you’re struggling with registrars, check out humanist weddings!

If need be we’re happy to co-ordinate with your other suppliers, but please get in touch with us as soon as possible when you’re considering changes may be afoot! And if you’re having a little shindig this year and a party next year, let us know too as we have a little exclusive package for our couples doing this. <3

You can check our availability here on our calendar, where you can see which dates we’re already booked on. Please use this as a guide to our availability. As we are rescheduling with multiple couples at this time, please do check with us that we are 100% free before confirming with your other suppliers or booking anything.

To summarise if you’re rebooking:

  • Your initial retainer payment from your current booking will carry across to the new booking with no penalties or new date retainer, so you’re not out-of-pocket at all.
  • In terms of payment we are asking that either the original terms/dates are stuck to, OR 50% of your remaining payment is paid at the time of rearrangement – this means we can keep cash flow moving which is imperative and will help us get through as we face the next few months with a very different business structure than we had planned! The final amount would be due as usual prior to your new date. When you’ve booked your new date we’ll send over an invoice for 50% of your remaining balance.
  • For a higher chance of all your suppliers being free, aim for a weekday – This would also massively help us out! If you’re booking for a Saturday after April 2021 we will ask to pay the difference as our prices are different now as we’re now VAT registered. We hope you understand!


More than anything, we really hope you’re both okay, staying well, and not finding this too stressful! Take care of yourselves. If you need to, don’t hesitate to call us any time on 07796510069.