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Spring South Farm Wedding with E&C

In need of some SPRING wedding inspo? Look no further than E&C's lovely wedding at South Farm. Spring has sprung and didn’t it just show at the STUNNING wedding of these guys at South Farm? Getting married in early March can prove its difficulties with the...

bride and groom in plaid and white wedding dress in front of vintage train at south farm wedding venue

The Pumping House Nottingham wedding – Lauren and Dave

If you’re planning a wedding at The Pumping House in Nottingham, you’ll find tons of inspo from this wedding! Lauren and Dave got married at The Pumping House, which is a cool industrial, red brick venue in Nottingham with an industrial vibe and iconic chimney. It...

bride and groom sat on windowsill of arched window at the pumping mill

Bassmead Manor Barns wedding photography and video – Lauren & Ryan

IS THIS THE MOST EPIC WEDDING OF ALL TIME? Have a little gander, and we’ll let you decide.  CUTEST FLOWER GIRL YOU’VE EVER SEEN. CRISP CRATES. GARDEN GAMES. DOGS. GIANT SPARKLERS. STUNT PILOT SHOW. You name it, this Bassmead manor barns wedding HAD it. First up to...

bridesmaids, bride and groom in low sun with heart shaped sunglasses at bassmead manor barns

Abygail and Gordon’s Enchanting Wedding at Ashridge House.

If there's one thing that fills a photographer's heart with joy, it's an absolute banging party vibe with a tonne of touching moments on a wedding day. And let me tell you, Abygail and Gordon's wedding at the stunning Ashridge House was nothing short of a fairytale...

ashridge house bridesmaid and groomsmen wedding

Micklefield Hall Rickmansworth wedding – Lucy and Alex

If you’re planning a wedding at Micklefield Hall in Rickmansworth, you’ll love this wedding for inspiration! Lucy and Alex got married at their local Baptist Church, which is a small, intimate in  with lots of connections to their family, for a real...

Matt & Abi’s spring wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns

We've got an incredible love story to share with you, straight from the enchanting realm of Bassmead Manor Barns. Our cameras were ready, our hearts were fluttering, and our smiles were as wide as the skies because Abi and Matt's wedding was an absolute dream to...

bassmead manor barns fields during golden hour

Monochrome Chicheley Hall Wedding Photography – Jen and Dean

Historic but modern! Chicheley Hall, beaut as ever, served as the picturesque canvas for a wedding that seamlessly blended a bit of a fancy historical venue with contemporary flair. We've been a recommended supplier at Chicheley Hall for some time now, and we still...

bride in leather jacket and boots and groom stood in front of chicheley hall surrounded by purple smoke

Charlotte & Simon’s fairytale Rowton Castle wedding

Sausage Superstition Yeah, you read right. As soon as we turned up, Charlotte told us that she'd buried a sausage on the morning of her wedding at Rowton Castle, a quirky custom believed to stave off rain. We're still surprised by things even after 15 years of...

bride and groom stroll across green grass in front of rowton castle

Caswell House Wedding Photography – Kristina & Joshua

A lovely intimate ceremony Nestled in the countryside, Caswell House provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony. Surrounded by lush greenery, Kristina and Josh exchanged some really personal vows in this lovely barn with a backdrop...

caswell house wedding photography


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