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autumn wedding

Autumn Bassmead Manor Barns Wedding – Hannah & Lewis

Hannah and Lewis' Harry Potter themed wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns was a beautiful and magical (pun intended) event that will be remembered by all who attended for years to come. The ceremony took place in the charming and rustic rickety barn, adorned with small...

bassmead manor barns autumn wedding with sun flare through trees

Alys and Carl’s rustic wedding at Winters Tale Country Barn

Alys and Carl's Wedding at Winters Tale Country Barn was a truly magical and unforgettable late summers day. The couple chose one of our favourite picturesque venues, which is located in the heart of the countryside, for their wedding. The rustic charm of Winters...

winters tale country barn wedding, bride and groom stand with veil draped across them

Plum Park Wedding – Alex & Adam

A Classy, Autumnal Wedding at Plum Park. Here, we have Alex and Adam, who got married at one of our favourite 'home-feel' venues, Plum Park. We love a good Plum Park wedding, as it always attracts laid back and fun loving couples who we always get on so well with!...

bride and groom stand close together and bride laughs


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